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Learn the truth
& make a difference

"Many have forgotten this truth, but you must not forget it.  You remain responsible, forever, for what you have tamed." Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The Gabriel Foundation A nonprofit corporation promoting education, conservation, rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, and sanctuary for the needs of parrots everywhere.

Did you know there are only 62 kakapo parrots in the world?

World Parrot Trust - working to protect, conserve, and improve the lives of parrots world wide. Excellent web site and great to read about their good works.

Did you know that endangered animals are often killed and sold whole or in parts as souvenirs to tourists?

International Fund for Animal Welfare protecting animals and their environments world wide. Beautifully done website, very moving news stories, and an excellent cause.

Have you ever wondered how you could help stop animal cruelty?

Animal Legal Defense Fund making a difference in animals through the legal system. Ever feel like there's nothing you do about animal cruelty? Check out this web site and know you can make a difference ! Definitely, a most worthy cause to donate to.

Do you know how mass marketing of pet birds encourages "bird mills" or assembly line/high production of birds? Do you know where these birds end up? Have you ever wondered why would someone impulse buy a pet that can outlive them?

Avian Welfare Resource Center a great place to educate yourself whether or not you want to buy or adopt a bird or even get one in the first place and a good cause.


What I've read so far

The Companion Parrot Handbook by Sally Blanchard
*highly recommend*
Great illustrations, extremely thorough, positive training focus, and extremely helpful. A necessity!!!! Definite must for those thinking about getting a parrot of any variety, for anyone interested in pet sitting a parrot and for all of us who are caregivers for their feathered family.  Information applies to a variety of birds and extremely useful whether your bird is a baby, rescued from a bad situation or adopted out of a loving home to a second home.  I cannot recommend this book enough!

The Beak Book by Sally Blanchard
*highly recommend*
Excellent examples, practical tips, inspirational, informative & positive focused.

Parrot-Toys & Play Areas by Carol S. D'Arezzo & Laruen Shannon-Nunn
*highly recommend*
Excellent ideas! Helps to understand play behavior and build fun toys or add to existing ones to increase fun & play factor! Has made a huge difference in our bird's actually playing with toys! Many of the ideas are very simple, inexpensive, and terribly useful!

The Second Hand Parrot
Some good ideas a bit general but ok on the whole]
by Mattie Sue Athan & Dianalee Deter

The Parakeet Handbook
[nice pictures but not very helpful]
by Annette Wolter & Immanuel Birmelin

Caged & Aviary Bird Survival Manual
[very general not very helpful but has nice pictures a little bit about a variety of birds] by Graham Wellstead

OUR Bird Journal

Learn about our bird watching in our backyard and other birding - go to our Birding Journal - most recent entries

Find out about our vet experiences, daily routines, and our learning journey with BeBe, our first bird and budgie. Journal Beginning and Most Recent Entries

Our New Addition: A rescued green rumped parrotlet, Digit.



What to do if you find
a baby bird begging for food?
Don't feed it
human food even bread
can kill wild birds!

Experts explain what to do with found wild orphaned or injured birds click here


The Companion Parrot Quarterly
by Sally Blanchard

BirdTalk click here

Recommended Web Sites:

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Learn about eucalyptus budgie study and buy eucalyptus branches, leaves, butter, and more for your budgies! They have essential fatty acids, vitamins and more! http://budgieworld.net

An excellent site with a variety of resources on safety, cleaning and more for your birds http://www.commercialofficecleaning.com/taking-care-of-your-bird.html

Bags O Bugs for birds to help diversify their diets with all sorts of goodness in buggie vitamins and minerals http://www.wholesalebird.com/gwform2.htm

Organic Bird Food: www.harrisonsbirdfoods.com

Bird clothing, Videos, Toys, Cage stuff, great gift ideas, and educational material and more www.thebirdbrain.com

Information about the safety of toys, woods, cages, homes, etc.: www.birdsafe.com

Report Lost or Found Companion Birds http://www.birdhotline.com/

Find an Avian [bird] vet in your area? click here

On line Avian Bulletin Board & Info:
My favorite: Budgie Cafe
Bird Hobbyist

More bird on line communities with classified ads http://birdmart.com/

Why sprouted seeds are better and healthier for your bird? http://www.landofvos.com/articles/sprouts.html

Sprouts & kits available through Sprout People or China Prairie

Budgie FAQ's