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Birding Journal:

We've seen many many birds but just have started to record our sightings. We've seen bald eagles in Salt Spring Island, B.C. last summer, cardinals in Kauai in February, shorebirds in Nisqually delta last November, and green headed kingfishers in Woodard Bay in Olympia, WA last summer.  In our very own backyard in SeaTac where we keep several bird feeders of black oil sunflower seed, thistle seed, mixed songbird seed and suet, we enjoying catching sight of flickers, stellar jays, downy woodpeckers, finches, sparrows, starlings, robins, varied thrush, chickadees, junkos, and morning doves.

5-17-03 SeaTac, WA Sunny late morning black headed grosbeak one pair both male & female eating sunflower seeds and mixed seed

5-18-03 Tukwila, WA at sunny morning 10ish Tukwila Pond Park saw three heron possible great blue

5-18-03 SeaTac, WA Three male American Goldfinches eating black sunflower seeds and a flicker eating suet and the usual finches eating sunflower seeds sunny evening 7ish.

5-23-03 SeaTac, WA Ringneck Doves at 6 am

5-30-03 SeaTac, WA 7:45 am Two red winged black birds on seed feeders and suet. Sunny 10 am Female and male American Goldfinches. Overcast cloudy 3:10 pm Flicker eating suet.

6-10-03 Added a new long thistle feeder with multiple perches last week. It's been getting a lot of action. Three American Gold finches male 10:30 am on it. Cloudy misty light rainy day.

6-13-03 SeaTac, WA 2:30 pm Cloudy sprinkles day saw Ringneck Dove [we think] sitting on top our bird feeder hanger.

6-14-03 SeaTac, WA 10:30 am Sunny seeing the usual Flicker on the suet, purple/red finches everywhere, and our three American Goldfinch males on our new thistle feeder.

6-16-03 SeaTac, WA 9:34 am Sunny pondering if the three American Goldfinches live nearby and are the same three we keep seeing.

6-17-03 Redmond, WA Sunny afternoon Two Bohemian Waxwings

6-18-03 Redmond, WA Cloudy afternoon female mallard and five ducklings going down concrete steps to get to rocks to pond in the manicured Microsoft Red West.

SeaTac, WA 5:30 pm Cloudy drizzly day six male American Goldfinches and several females feeding on the thistle feeder, Black headed Gross beak eating mixed seed. Several purple/red finches eating sunflower seeds.

7-9-03 SeaTac, WA have been seeing more and more American Goldfinches since the addition of the new thistle feeder.

7 pm Sunny evening H found an black headed Grosbeak mostly feathered baby in the middle of the road near our house. She looked for where it might have came from to no avail. She brought it in and we began searching on line for more information about them. We have a shelter in Lynnwood PAWS that takes wildlife as well as orphaned domestic animals. The best option of course is to give it to the experts to raise.  To learn about the baby grosbeak click here

7-12-03 6:10 am & 10:30 am saw Flicker and it's baby in tree by suet feeders. Got to watch it feed it's baby.

July and the beginning of August birding was absorbed into the care of Benny.

8-3-03 West Hylebos wetlands Commencement Bay, Tacoma/Federal Way lovely little boardwalk day walk and cute little lake with adolescent ducks?

8-10-03 Picture to the left of kayaking sunny afternoon at the Mercer Slough in Bellevue. Saw few female wood ducks, several Great Blue Herons, handful Green Herons, several Canadian Geese, a handful of Belted Kingfishers, and tons of mallards, young mallards, and itty bitty baby mallards walking on lily pads eating amongst the duckweed.

9-28-03 Foster Island at UW Arboretum lovely ducks. Pictured to the right

10-19-03 Killebrew Lake, Orcas Island, WA pictured below with tons of lovely little diving ducks.

10-20-03 Eastsound, Orcas Island, WA great blue heron

10-21-03 Anacortes, WA bald eagle near ferry dock

11-14-03 Kent, WA koi pond on Meeker St. lots of mallards and a gorgeous single mandarin male duck.

11-25-03 Since filling suet and seed feeders last weekend lots of bush tits and chickadees visiting us. The flicker appreciates the suet as well.  Today at 11ish am overcast day I saw an adorable downy woodpecker.

11-29-03 1145 am downy woodpecker on suet feeders overcast drizzly day.

2-15-04 Driving home from Birch Bay, WA we saw a bald eagle and number of birds of prey using the freeway as a part of their hunting ground.

5-8-04 Overcast drizzling afternoon three ringneck pigeons, male black headed grossbeak, several male & female american gold finches, other unknown finches, and what looked like a Western Scrub Jay!

6-17-04 Lake Washington sunny afternoon - bald eagle, mallards, and red winged black birds.

7-5-04 Lake Washington kayaking sunny afternoon Mallards, Great Blue Herons, and Mergansers. The mallards had ducklings little fuzzy ones. The mergansers also had several ducklings and momma was teaching them to dive. Just adorable!!

Kauai, Hawaii 10-05 Endangered Hawaiian goose [nene] baby shearwaters in their burrows, doves, Hawaiian heron, cardinals, ducks, frigate birds, and more!

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